i am Chris Smith,

Software Developer

About me

Hi, I am Chris Smith, a technical lead and senior software engineer working in start-ups and formerly in the blockchain industry.

My background includes experience as a small business owner, and as a government and business technology manager.

I enjoy tackling tough technical challenges as well as teaching and explaining those solutions. In the past, I have been speaking and mentoring at Ethereum conferences:


  • “Smart Contract Testing Strategies” TruffleCon
  • “Solidity 101” WyoHackathon
  • “Using Truffle for Smart Contract Development and Testing” EthDenver


  • ConsenSys Academy Developer Course 2018 Technical Mentor
  • EthDenver 2018 Hackathon Mentor
  • Blockchain for Social Impact Incubator 2018 Mentor
  • WyoHackathon 2018 Hackathon Mentor
  • AngelHacks DC 2018 Hackathon Mentor
  • ConsenSys Hackathon Dubai 2017 Member of Winning Team
  • EthWaterloo Hackathon 2017 Participant
  • Ethereum Denver 2017 Hackathon Participant
  • Posner Center International Nonprofit 2015 Hackathon, Member of Winning Team

Contact me

Find me on LinkedIn / Github / Twitter.


While I have always enjoyed photography, in recent years I have been getting more serious about it. You can check out my photography portfolio here, feel free to reach out if you’d like to talk photos or have any questions.